Recovery Room
Anaesthesist R.R.Nurse Date
Post-Anaesthesia Recovery
No Parameters Signs Nurse Anaes
1 asad qw das asas
2 sxde as raj asas
Time of Arrival

Recovery Room Orders
Time of Discharge

Post-op Orders to ward
Recovery Room Events
Pre-Existing Disease(s)
IHD HPT Tobacco Abuse Coad Asthma Alcohol Abuse Obesity Others, Specify
Intra-Operative Events
Uneventful IV Access Difficult Intubation Failed Intubation Aspiration Hypoventilation
Blood Transfusion
Yes     No
Airway Obstruction Laryngospasm Brnchospasm Hypotension Hypertension Arrhythmias
Myocardial Convulsion Total Spinal Shivering Hypothermia Prolonged Reversal
Equipment Failure Drug Reaction Partial Block Failed Regional Others
Recovery Room Events
Central Depression Nausea Vomiting Shivering Bradycardia Hypotension
Hypertension Resp Distress IV Access Restlessness Inadequate Pain Relief Surgical Comlication