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Medical Services :

- Accident & Emergency

- Evening Clinics

- General Surgery

- Infertility

- Orthopaedics

- Plastic Surgery

- Cardiology

- General Medicines

- Gynaecology & Obstetrics

- Oncology

- Pediatrics



YERSIN International Clinic / Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. YERSIN International Clinic / Hospital is ready to be launched in March 2012 aiming to be the largest and most equipped Endoscopy Centre in Vietnam providing pre-cancer checking and cancer pre-treatment; patient transferring to and treatment at international hospitals as well as other privilege healthcare services.

YERSIN International Clinic / Hospital provides the following services:

-  Endoscopy: EGD, Colonoscopy
-  X ray
-  CT scan
-  Ultrasound: Abd US, Heart US, GYN, Thyroid US, …
-  Lab: Tests of Hematology , Chemistry, Immunology, Urine, …
-  Pediatrics
-  Internal Medicine
-  GYN
-  Skin care
-  Package: GE, Cardiology, Company Annual check-up,…
-  Mammography
-  ECG
-  Ex ECG
-  ECG Holter
-  BP Holter (ABPM)
-  Bone Mineral Density Test




Before 1997, the law of private medical operation has not been completed and Government Hospital is the only choice for people. The overload about human resource, facilities and infrastructure leads to the difficulty and deficiency in the business of medical examination and treatment. Basing on such humane background, the first personal medical unit was born in Ho Chi Minh City, that is Hoan My.