HIS Core Modules

Hospital Information System

Patient Relationship Management (PRM)

Patient Relationship Management (PRM) module is the entry point where patient will come into context with the hospital facility. Patient can book an appointment to consult any doctor prior to walking into the hospital. Upon arrival at hospital, patient will be registered as an outpatient or admitted as an inpatient, depend on the consultation type required. During registration process, patient’s personal detail and their next of kin details will be captured. PRM also helps users to track patient ward detail as well as perform better bed management. Three sub modules covered in PRM are Appointment Scheduling, Patient Registration & Admission and Bed Enquiry.

Appointment Scheduling

With Appointment Scheduling System, patient can prior book the available time slot to consult a doctor or to obtain medical services (laboratory, imaging, physiotherapy) on their preference day. Centium HIS Appointment Scheduling system caters for both registered patient and also prospect patient.


Registration module is designed to cater for Outpatient, Inpatient and OTC type of registrations. Upon registration, every patient will be issued a unique Medical Record Number (MRN).  Outpatient registered patients Estimated Consultation Time will be displayed on Outpatient Queue System and inpatient admission details will be displayed on Inpatient Queue System.

Bed Enquiry

Bed Enquiry module used to perform bed management of inpatient wards. User be able to view inpatient bed status (occupied, free, blocked, housekeeping) and also able to block any beds for maintenance purpose


Clinical Practice

Clinical Practice section widely covers activities related to patient medical records documentation performed by medical personnel’s such as doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc.  Besides managing their availabilities, doctors also can manage their patient queue effectively. Doctors also have the luxury of maintaining their preferred drug / services listing based on their specialty needs. Scheduling of Operation Theater and documentation of patient’s surgery information are just many of wide areas covered under OT Management. User friendly online drug prescribing and management brings our clinical practice to next level in 21st century healthcare industry.

Doctor Time Management

Doctor Time Management functions to manage time and activity of a doctor efficiently. The settings on this screen will have impact on availability of a doctor in other screens, such as Registration screen, Appointment Scheduling screen etc. A doctor can define activities for a month and can view his/her monthly or daily appointment diary where all the appointment details are shown. Doctor can also set clinical working hours for a doctor.

Queue Management

Queue Management covers Doctors Queue Listing and Nurses Queue Listing. Doctor’s queue listings is an informative “dashboard” that provides instant updates on currently registered outpatient or admitted inpatients besides displaying today’s appointment listing. Doctors able to manage their patient load as well as performing quick view of the patient’s investigations status. Doctors also can traverse to progress notes or medical history viewer from the queue listing. Pending drug to be approved and Pending drug rejection queue enables doctor’s to manage online drug prescribing more effectively.
On the other hand, Nurses Queue listing divided into Nurse Outpatient Queue Listing and Nurse Inpatient Queue Listing provides nurses with instant update of currently registered outpatient and status of patient consultation (consultation started / ended). Nurse Inpatient Queue listing displays currently admitted inpatients filtered by ward. Nurses also able to traverse from this queue to setup drug administration screen, medication chart, progress notes, filtrations of drug to be administration, medical history viewer and viewing of patient’s investigation status.

Patient Initial Assessment

This section covers multi- discipline Patient Initial Assessment documentation. These assessments vary from many specialties such as Surgery, OBG, Medical, Neonatal, and etc. Nurses or doctors records patient initial assessment accordingly the same can be viewed on Medical History Viewer.

Clinical Management Notes

Clinical Management Notes (Progress Notes) is the vital section of Clinical Practice management. Doctors or Nurses records patient’s vitals details, medical notes besides performing services ordering (laboratory, physiotherapy, imaging). Online drug prescribing is initiated here by doctors or nurses. MIM’s online drug library acts as reference for doctor / nurses. Doctor’s able to refer patient to another doctor and schedule future appointment for patient. Doctor’s now can charge their patient accordingly. Tagging of Diagnosis and Prescription helps users to find notes which have details of Diagnosis / Prescription within the notes.

Online Drug Management

Online Drug Management in Centium HIS completely covers end to end hospital flow from drug prescription to drug dispensing and administration. Key players for Online Drug Management are Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacist. Doctor prescribe drug via Progress Notes and upon confirmation of prescription, Pharmacy Queue will be updated and Pharmacist will proceed with drug preparation and dispensing. Inpatient Nurses will be setting up the drug administration prior to serving drugs and administering it via medication chart. Nurses and Pharmacy are also allowed to order drugs on behalf of doctor (but verbal approval needed) and these drugs will be approved by doctors via Doctor Queue Listing (Pending RX Approval). Pharmacist also can reject drugs ordered by a doctor based on valid reason and doctor either can accept the rejection or continue the prescription.

OT Management

OT Management is an essential part of a Centium HIS. This module allows users to maintain and update all information related to operation theatre procedures and activities such as OT Scheduling, Operation Record, Anesthesia Record, Recovery Room record etc.

Doctor’s Favorites Management

As doctors are performing drugs / services via Centium HIS system, Doctors Favorites Management modules eases doctors task by just selecting their preferred / frequently ordered drugs / services on Progress Notes. Doctors Services Favorite maintenance helps doctors to maintain their preferred laboratory, radiology and physiotherapy services listing while Doctor’s Favorite Drug maintenance used for maintain preferred drug listing and doctors can define their preferred dosage, frequency and duration for the selected drugs.


Services modules covered in Centium HIS are related to Radiology, Laboratory and Physiotherapy types of services. These modules manage information related to all services offered by the hospital. It will allow the user to update and maintain information, view details of patients with respect to services utilized and make relevant report formats

Pathology Services

Pathology Services (Laboratory) modules helps Laboratory department to track their patient and services to be rendered while managing their result reporting. Laboratory Queue listing provides list of outpatient and inpatient for whom doctor have ordered lab test to be done. Traversing from queue listing, users can view test ordered by doctor and also update the status (test done / result done) for the ordered test. Upon test result obtained, user able to key in the results into Centium HIS defined laboratory result entry templates.

Imaging Services

Imaging Services (Radiology) modules caters for Radiographer on tracking their patient listing and services to be rendered while Radiologist managing their result reporting. Radiology Queue listing provides list of outpatient and inpatient for whom doctor have ordered radiology test to be done. Traversing from queue listing, users can view test ordered by doctor and also update the status (test done / result done) for the ordered test. Base on imaging result, Radiologist able to key in the results into Radiology Result entry screen.

Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy Services modules caters for Physiotherapist on tracking their patient listing and services to be rendered. Physiotherapy Queue listing provides list of outpatient and inpatient for whom doctor have ordered physiotherapy test to be done. Traversing from queue listing, users can view service ordered by doctor. Physiotherapist will key in their treatment details into Progress Notes or templates.

Cashier and Billing

Cashier and Billing Module’s purpose is to enter and monitor the charges that had been incurred by the patient during his or her visit in the hospital. Order Entries will be performed by many users from various departments which may have performed a service for the patient, e.g. lab tests, x-ray scans or drug prescription. This will also be a prerequisite to billing the patient and eventually receiving the payment from the patient. This will be coordinated through the use of a queue system that intelligently tracks the patient’s movement around the hospital and tells the cashier when the patient is ready to pay.

Order Entry & Billing

Order Entry & Billing is the core module that will be used to enter the charges for the patient. Users in hospital will be using different screens to enter the charges, which are specific to their own department, and all these charges will be consolidated in an Order Entry screen for the cashiers to generate the bill. Order Entry is also where all the discounts and taxes will be calculated for the final price to charge the patient.

Collection & Refund

Collection & Refund is the next stage after Order Entry & Billing. Whereas the previous module is concerned with keeping track and consolidating the charges, Collection & Refund will be used solely to collect payment from those consolidated charges, either by cash, credit card or cheque. Deposits and refunds are also handled through this module.

Cashier Management

The finance supervisor will use this Cashier Management system extensively to monitor and keep track of the cashier’s daily activities and transactions. Each cashier will have his or her own unique cashier code and the system keeps track of their opening and closing balance as well as providing real-time information of their transactions to their manager.

Queue Management

Queue Management system works closely with the Registration module and the Order Entry & Billing module to monitor patient’s movement around the hospital. The system keeps a checklist of what services and which doctor the patient is scheduled to consult, and updates the checklist accordingly through the confirmation feedbacks from the users who provide the services and the doctor. The queue system then informs the cashiers when the patient has completed whatever services or consultation he/she has been registered for, and is ready to pay.

Store Management

Centium HIS Store Management module covers the entire inventory management processes from stock requisition till stock write off. Core areas managed here are purchasing of consumables, drugs, consignment etc and also inter-department inventory management such as stock transfer, stock issue, stock adjustment etc.

Purchasing Management

Purchasing Management kicks off with end users requesting goods for their department via Indent Requisition. Upon approval of department head and Purchasing Manager, purchase order will be raised and sent to vendor. Goods will be received at store and then transferred / issues to relevant department. Damaged goods or expired goods will be returned to vendor.

Stock Management

Stock Management modules help store manager / assistant to manage the hospital inventory in standardized manner. Based on user request, store user will transfer or issue out goods to the requesting department. Department users can perform stock enquiry at any point of time as Centium HIS displays real time inventory level to users. Stock adjustment can be done provided with valid reason and based on approval from department head. Depending on hospital policy, stock take activity will be performed to ensure physical stock level matches to system stock level. Centium HIS provides user with end to end stock take cycle functionality – stock freeze, stock take data entry and stock take adjustment.

Consignment Management

Centium HIS software caters for Consignment goods management which helps hospital operation to keep track of their consignment stock. Centium HIS supports end to end process of Consignment Management. Upon Consignment Requisition raised, consignment received will be transferred to relevant department which later will be sold to patient and consignment purchase order generated. User at any point of time can use the consignment enquiry functionality to check on consignment stock status.

Medical Record Office (MRO)

Medical Record Office (MRO) is a vital segment of Centium HIS as patients records are kept online instead of manual paper folder.MRO keeps track of patients record movement besides ensuring records keyed in by medical staffs are in order. Printing of any patients records to be handled by MRO office only. Any external record pertaining to patient medical records will be scanned into Centium HIS by MRO using Scan document functionality. MRO also able to generate statistical reports from Centium HIS for hospital management as well as to comply with Government requirement.

Back Office Reports

Back office reports help hospital managements to view the hospital ROI and profit status beside help them to plan ahead on their budget and cash management. Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss is some of the useful reports used by management to trace the hospitals cash flow and return of their investment. Detail General Listing of Centium HIS assist finance department to perform their account entries audit.


Centium HIS application provides extensive list of reports for hospital administration management purposes. From statistical census reports to detailed financial reports, Centium HIS provides detailed and complex reports for better hospital management.

Front Office Reports

Front office reports consist of patient census either by monthly or daily to track patient visits. Reports can be generated separately by outpatient or inpatient. To assist finance department on improving patient management, Centium HIS provides reports such as incomplete registration details report, details charges listing, deposit top up report, GL Limit status reports etc.

Clinical Reports

As EMR is a vital part of hospital management, printing of patient medical records needs to be catered too. Centium HIS provides the facility of printing patient progress notes, laboratory results, radiology results, assessment reports, charts, prescription, OT records etc.

Stock Reports

Centium HIS Stock Management is strongly backed by its reporting’s. User at any point of time can trace their stock status by generating stock status report and track the stock movement by printing stock movement report. Other stock transaction reports provided by Centium HIS are stock adjustment report, stock write off report, stock transfer / issue report etc.

Back Office Reports

Back office reports help hospital managements to view the hospital ROI and profit status beside help them to plan ahead on their budget and cash management. Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss is some of the useful reports used by management to trace the hospitals cash flow and return of their investment. Detail General Listing of Centium HIS assist finance department to perform their account entries audit.

System Admin

Designer Tools

Centium HIS sophisticated designer tools such as forms designer, templates designer, reports designer, patient card designer and bar code labels designer allows user to quickly design and build a user interface for Centium HIS.

User Management and Security Control

System admin manages these modules to create user ids and attaching them to appropriate roles. Centium HIS menus are defined based on user role as approved by Management.

System Configuration

Centium HIS system configurations are managed centrally and core focus here is configuration settings of master screens and alerts setting. Also color codes for legends used throughout Centium HIS will be defined here.